You are Richard - Aufführung des 12P1

-> 12P1 presents Shakespeare’s timeless classic Richard III. – a tale of treacheryambition and dark charisma

-> Join us for an unforgettable evening of Shakespearean drama on 11th October at 8 pm or 12th October at 7.30 pm at the Aula.

Slowly you realise who you have become in this inevitable battle of power.
At first, it may have seemed like a simple struggle for dominance, a quest to conquer and prevail. You have been driven by ambition, the desire to assert your authority and make your mark in this competitive world. You were eager to prove your worth, to ascend the ladder of success, and to secure your place in the hierarchy.
The pursuit of power, it seemed, was the ultimate goal.
In this battle of power, you’ve come to realise that it’s not you who’s been fighting against humiliation. You’ve become someone that caused others pain and suffering. You have schemed and plotted, fought and connived.
You’ve become the devil himself – You’ve become Richard III.